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Technology driven electrical machines, delivering a powerful and result-oriented performance always!

Welcome to Our Company

There is something about experienced firms which gives them an upper edge than those companies which have been newly established. They hold a great deal of knowledge and experience, which allows them to meet the diverse needs of the markets in a promising manner. We too, at Durga Electronics, have what it takes to deliver a fantastic set of goods. Incorporated in the year 1986, our dedication and perseverance towards creating a revolutionary array of electrical devices has allowed us to become one of the most reliable Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in the global market. Carving a niche for ourselves in the field of customization, we understand the diverse client requirements and thus calibrate/tune our products as per your business needs. From Electronic Starting Relays and Electrical Vibrating Horns to Electronic Melody Makers and Solenoid Switches, one can choose from an assorted range of goods from our roof., at competitive prices.

Ambit of Products

Thanks to their ability to take on great deals of heat and pressure, these range of goods are guaranteed to deliver none other than powerful performances with each use.
  • Alternator Cut-Outs
  • Electrical Vibrating Horns
  • Electronic Buzzers
  • Automotive Horns
  • Electronic Flashers
  • Electronic Fuel Stop Motors
  • Electronic full Buzzer Units
  • Electronic Head Lamp Relays
  • Electronic Head Lamps
  • Electronic Melody Makers
  • Electronic Musical Flashers
  • Electronic Musical Horn Tuners
  • Electronic Pneumatic Horns
  • Electronic Power Relays
  • Electronic Reverse Horns
  • Electronic Starting Relays
  • Head Lamp Relays
  • Heater Timers
  • Horn Relays
  • Horn Tuner Testing Machines
  • Solenoid Switches
  • Voltage Regulators


Safety is the most important parameter which is to be taken care of when it comes to electric instruments. Being a conscious company, we make sure that the products designed are in strict compliance to the rules and regulations of well-reputed organizations. Using the finest components to fabricate such commodities, assures each client of receiving an A-grade good. Having numerous safety valves, our lineup have a zero chance of developing short circuits, while being 100 percent unaffected to water.


Our organization has hired some of the most experienced professionals for its business. Being experts in their respective spheres, these members make sure that their department works to their fullest potential at all times. Using our innovative minds and merging them with cutting edge technology, helps us in developing a performance driven batch of Electronic Starting Relays and Electrical Vibrating Horns. Each staff member works in close synchronization to one another, thus making sure that we satisfy the dynamic needs of each patron perfectly!